CraigShelly SmartBand


CraigShelly SmartBands are handmade from top quality leather in the heart of the Swiss Alps. All CraigShelly SmartBands are installed with 2 personal NFC chips, each one capable of connecting directly to the users unique NFT, digital wallet, or website as the user sees fit.

Take your CraigShelly experience to the next level with your personalized SmartBand. 

Product Care

For iOS 14 user: Create NFC automation via Shortcuts app

1. Download Shortcuts app from App store.
2. Open Shortcuts app
3. Tap Automation →
4. Create Personal Automation →
5. Choose NFC →
6. Scan an empty NFC watchbands to the top back of the iPhone →
7. Name it as you wish.
8. Then tap OK →
9. Next →
10. In the following screen and tap “+” Add Action →
11. Choose your desired action / shortcuts →
12. Next →
13. Done

For Android/iOS User: Create NFC action via third party app

1. Download NFC tools app from Google Play / App Store.
2. Open NFC Tools app
3. Go to the “Write” tag →
4. Add a record* →
5. Once create your record ,tap OK →
6. Tap “Write”→
7. Place an empty NFC watchbands to the top back of the iPhone/ Back of NFC Andriod phone →
8. Done

View setup guide or watch it in action


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