El Cartel


One can only marvel at the extraordinary value for money offered by the LCF888 self-winding chronograph, but this does not mean that any concession has been made in the quality of the components or materials selected.

Self-winding C3057 caliber is known for its reliability which has stood the test of time. The majority of its 245 components are biocompatible with the legendary Valjoux 7750 movement.

The case components are made from top-quality materials: 1.4435 medical grade 316L stainless steel with (for certain models) a bezel in solid ceramic. The sapphire crystals (front and back), known for their scratch-resistance, have an anti-reflective treatment on both sides, ensuring perfect legibility of the display over time.

The straps are made of pressure-molded natural rubber. Considered to be non-allergenic, this material offers exceptional durability thanks to its resistance to UV rays and acidity for all skin types.

In every phase, from design to technical development and from component production to final assembly, stringent systematic quality controls have been applied to every part, without exception.



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