Craig Shelly's Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty

Peace Of Mind & Swiss Craftsmanship, Guaranteed

Our commitment to social change allows Craig Shelly to offer you an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

We teamed up with our underwriting partners to make sure that you’re 100% secure in a decision that literally saves lives. That’s why every Craig Shelly timepiece is guaranteed against the following risks:

  • Factory defects
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Accidental Damage
  • Accidental Loss
  • Theft

Our Warranty Protects You For Life

If something happens to your watch, we will replace it under virtually any circumstances for the lifetime of the timepiece.

And if you need to replace a discontinued watch, we send you one of equal or even greater value.

We haven’t seen a competitor come anywhere close to matching our warranty because we have great customers like you that are committed to uplifting disadvantaged lives around the world.

How To File A Warranty Claim:

  1. Be sure to Register your watch or jewelry online at our website when you purchase
  2. In the event it gets damaged, file a claim on our website and upload pics
  3. In the event it is lost or stolen, please file a police report and fill out the claims form on our website
  4. Pay the deductible amount (fraction of the cost)
  5. Your claim will be processed in 5 business days and we will ship you a new piece

This is our way of saying thank you for helping others and that you can count on us to protect your investment for a lifetime.


"* Subject to a small deductible and processing fee. Shipping and insurance will he added once replacement order is processed"


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