Shopping Craig Shelly Means Putting People Before Profit


We partner with these organizations to make the world a better place, and now you can too.


Craig Shelly is committed to social change.


Every day, people spend their lives in conditions that are unfit for any human being, but together we can change that.


We hope you’ll become part of our fight to end generational poverty, hunger, and sickness worldwide.


Here’s a list of our partners and how they’re creating a better future for the human family.


Akshaya Patra


Our partnership with this organization feeds a child for an entire year for every watch purchased.


Youth Action International


Youth Action International is dedicated to uplifting impoverished regions across the globe through education, health, and economic development.


Our partnership with YAI powers our Watches For Water Campaign. Proceeds from each sale of our Oceanic timepiece go toward the construction of a well which will provide clean drinking water for up to 1500 people in each region.

Vesta Kids X Conscious Coalition


A non-profit dedicated to educating children in spiritual practices to energize and empower a brighter future.


Along Comes Hope


This organization delivers resources to children facing cancer, keeping their families strong in otherwise desperate circumstances.


Shriners Hospital For Children


Charity-powered hospital that provides advanced care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and more.


Storm Aid


Storm Aid is a source of emergency relief for people and communities devastated by catastrophic storms and extreme weather which are on the rise from climate change.

Global Unity Foundation


This organization promotes global unity by enlisting leaders worldwide in a fight to eradicate poverty, create economic sustainability, and promote universal quality education.


The Leela Foundation was created by spiritual teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear. Through Leela, Eli and other masters guide humanity to higher consciousness. 




Education, resources, and support to those who have been affected by suicide.