Why Wear A Watch? 5 Reasons Why Watches Trump Smartphones!

The timeless essence of timepieces is here — now and forever — even with the ever omnipotent smartphones!


Technology develops — it innovates and progresses — but even with the swiftly moving technological world, watches still have a place, and no, they’re not irrelevant!


There are many scenarios where checking your watch is classier and better than checking your smartphone, but in today’s post, we’re going to examine why wearing a watch still holds so much value. 


At Craig Shelly, we pride ourselves on timeless elegance, because that is exactly what our watches are! Dive into the reasons why wearing a timepiece trumps smartphones!

Watch Wearing in The New Era!


If you don’t wear a watch you can look around and exclaim, who even wears a watch anymore? But, the reality of it is, a lot of people still wear a watch for reasons you may not even know. 


So, why wear a watch?


A watch is a part of your personal style.


What does a smartphone say about you? Not much. You have a phone just like the majority of the world. You can take too much information about a person through their smartphone. On the other hand, a watch tells you so much about a person. 


Not only does the brand of watch matter, but the style does as well. It’s safe to say that those who invest in luxury watches love the extravagance of it all — from the diamond-encrusted watch face to a tourbillon complication — high-end watches come with price tags that match. 


The style can also give you a glimpse into someone’s personality — are they wearing a sporty watch? They might be a runner or cyclist. How about the material it’s made from? Leather and fabric watch bands typically indicate more of an everyday watch, while metal or jeweled watch it typically is worn after dark and to fun galas and black-tie affairs. 


With a watch, you can find one that speaks to your personal style — from the color and material to the company that uniquely crafts it with you in mind. 


Watches break the ice!


Whether you’re in line getting your morning coffee or shaking your groove thang on the dance floor at a wedding, a watch is a great way to break the ice with someone or start the conversation. 


Tell us, can a smartphone start a conversation with a stranger or potentially get you that number? Perhaps, but a watch is much more organic! You likely have a much better chance of winning someone with, wow, that’s a great watch tell me more about it, then a cheesy pickup line or awkward introduction.


Also, you can find fellow watch enthusiasts with just a flash of your Craig Shelly timepiece! It’s fun to find other watch snobs to nerd out about horology with!

A watch makes a great gift!


Who wouldn’t love receiving a watch? A timepiece is a practical gift that not only looks great but it’s practical, too! It’s also something you can wear forever and pass it on as a family heirloom! Can a smartphone do this? It’ll likely be upgraded in a few short months!


A watch can be passed down.


We mentioned this above, but a timepiece is a great investment piece that you can enjoy now and that can be enjoyed for generations to come! A smartphone, however, could be a really good relic to bury in a time capsule, but something is telling us, it doesn’t have the same draw as a Craig Shelly watch complete with a tourbillon complication. 


Watches provide variety!


The great thing about becoming a watch enthusiast is you can start a watch collection and you can have a watch for every day of the week and for all the special events you attend! Do you get this kind of variety with a smartphone? Not even a little sliver! 


Choose a watch of leather or fabric for the office and have a couple of special watches for presentations and promotion interviews! And, don’t forget to keep your most prized timepiece for special black tie events and weddings!   


Watches are not irrelevant, and truly, they may have even more of a place than our smartphones!

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